2113 N Orange Ave Orlando, FL 32804

Financial Matters

Theatre Downtown depends on support from the community to exist.

Our cost of occupying and maintaining the facility plus producing plays averages over $8000 each month. Over 3/4 of that amount goes to just keeping the operation  running--before we buy a costume, build a set, or pay royalties.

We can't meet this obligation on ticket sales alone, and support from state and local government and funding agencies only covers a small portion of the shortfall.

Therefore, we rely on contributions from individuals and corporations who want  us to continue to produce live theatre.

Besides contributing, our supporters can help by volunteering their time, donating office equipment and production necessities, and most important, by telling other members of our community about the fine and important work that goes on at Theatre Downtown.

Financial Contributions

Applause ($100.00 and up) Program Mention
Rave Review ($250.00 and up) Program Mention and Contributor Plaque
Standing Ovation ($500.00 and up) Program Mention, Contributor Plaque, Preferred Seating
Encore! Encore! ($1,000.00 and up) Program Mention, Contributor Plaque, Preferred Seating, Two Season Passes

Theatre Downtown is Tax Deductible 501(c)(3)
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