A dramatic turn! Audiences will be blindfolded throughout the New York theater production


A visionary theater company plans to blindfold everyone at their next groundbreaking show.

Out of character launch their new show The voices of reason To [email protected] to Friday 19 November.

And not everyone who goes to see it will see anything – because they will be blindfolded throughout the show.

The voices of reason Rather, it will be a multisensory audio drama that aims to transport audiences to the many different worlds of Georgian England.

YorkMix speak with Out of character artistic director Paul Birch for more on the show.

“I did a previous show, The nuisance inspector, with York Explore which was also a live audio drama, ”said Paul. “I wanted to build on the creative lessons I learned while making this show.”

“Plus, this story is about vocals – it seemed fitting to do another epic audio show!

“Headbands make things easier [for audiences] to create their own version of the characters and landscapes in their own mind.

“Come to think of it, we should probably credit them as co-creators of the program! “

The voices of reason tells the true story of mental health reform in York in the early 1800s, after the death of Quaker patient Hannah Mills at York Asylum – now Bootham Park Hospital.

“Our story centers on how a reluctant county magistrate begins to uncover dark truths and how the people of the City of York forced change,” said Paul.

“It’s a story about uncovering corruption and abuse – but our story is about hope and change.

“This show is not so much about mental illness as it is about ordinary people who can find the courage to change the society in which they live.”

The show will also experiment with sound and smell. Sound designer Matt Seymour will create prerecorded “sound universes” for each venue, and cellist Rachel Gray will perform all the music live.

“To add to the worlds created in sound, we are experimenting with the use of various scents throughout the show,” said Paul. “We have no idea if this will work wonderfully, be a distraction, or have no real effect!” “

Based at York St. John University, Out of character is a theater company where all the artists involved have had an experience of mental illness. The company is passionate about making theater that explores these questions.

The voices of reason will be Out of characterthe first return to theater since the start of the pandemic.

How could this show resonate with today’s audiences? “I think it’s a modern story set in the past,” Paul said.

“Public health has been at the forefront since the pandemic and we are surrounded by constant stories of corruption and lack of transparency. This show addresses these issues.

“It’s also an inspiring story and we hope it will encourage people who are already fighting to change the world for the better on a variety of issues.

“We hope [audiences] will be transported.

Tickets for this Friday’s performance are sold out, but there will still be two chances to find out The voices of reason.

A second performance will take place on December 16 at York St. John University, while a third performance will be part of the launch of the new York St. John Creative Center on February 3.

Visit Out of characterto get ticket details for future performances and to keep up to date with their latest projects.


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