College players will perform three classic acts in one sitting

Players from the University of Scranton will return for live performances at the Royal Theater with a lineup of three classic one-act plays that celebrate the nature of theater: Disaster by Samuel Beckett, Edward Albee’s History of the zoo, and The actor’s nightmare by Christophe Durang. The evening will last about an hour and a half with an intermission. Performances will take place on October 22, 23 and 24 and October 29, 30 and 31. The performances will take place at 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. All performances will take place in person at the Royal Theater on the University of Scranton campus. The actors will be unmasked on stage. One must reserve. There are no walk-in tickets that will be sold. The production will be directed by Michael O’Steen.

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Disaster is written by Samuel Beckett, widely recognized as one of the greatest playwrights of the 20th century. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1969. Mr. Beckett is best known for his play Waiting for Godot. Like no other playwright before him, Mr. Beckett’s works capture the pathos and irony of modern life while maintaining his faith in man’s ability for compassion and survival, no matter how hard he is. environment can become absurd.

that of Edward Albee History of the zoo was a theatrical phenomenon when it first appeared in the 1950s. In it, a man sits peacefully reading in the sun in Central Park. He enters a second man. He is a young, neglected and unruly vagrant where the former is neat, tidy, easy and conventional. The wanderer is a soul in the grip of torture and rebellion. He aspires to communicate so fiercely that he frightens and repels his listener. He is a man emptied of all hope who, in his passion for company, seeks to empty his companion. With provocative humor and relentless suspense, the young savage slowly, but relentlessly, brings his victim back to his own atavistic level as he tells a story about his visit to the zoo.

The actor’s nightmare is a worldwide comedy comedy drama by acclaimed comedic playwright Christopher Durang. After accidentally wandering around on stage, George is informed that one of the cast, Eddie, has been in a car accident and needs to replace him immediately. Apparently no one is sure which play is being performed, but George (disguised as Hamlet) appears to be in the middle of a scene from Private life, surrounded by luminaries such as Sarah Siddons, Dame Ellen Terry and Henry Irving. As he fumbles the missed lines one after the other, the other actors move on. Hamlet, then a play by Samuel Beckett, then a climactic scene of what might just be A man for all seasons– at this point, a bewildered George lost all contact with his fellow interpreters. Yet in the final moments of the play he rises to the task and finally says the right lines, after which the pretense suddenly gives way to reality as the executioner’s ax (intended for Sir Thomas Moore) sends rather poor George in oblivion – denying him a well-deserved reminder.

The company of 3 for one act features: Keenan Beveridge, Katherine Carter, Geoff Pizzuto, Neely Rice, Wilmarr Saint Surin, Andrew Vizzard and Grace Washney.

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University of Scranton players is a college theater program that brings exceptional theater to northeastern Pennsylvania each season. The Players’ productions feature students of the University of Scranton in a mix of classical and contemporary works under the direction and mentorship of award-winning faculty and guest artists.

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