CorNeat Vision Partners with LiveU and Alcon for Virtual Remote Surgeon Presence


RA’ANANA, Israel, March 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CorNeat Vision, a clinical-stage biomimetic technology and implants company, and LiveU, a company providing high-quality live video streaming and remote production solutions, today announced that they had partnered up and successfully implemented an on-demand solution Virtual Remote Surgeon Presence (RSVP) Solution. The companies have cooperated with Alcon to leverage its NGENUITY® 3D visualization system to successfully conduct remote supervised hands-on training from Canadian cornea experts located at the Kensington Eye Institute in Toronto, without leaving Israel. The solution, which was designed to meet travel restrictions related to COVID-19, helped launch the Canadian clinical site towards the first implantations of the CorNeat KPro artificial cornea.

“With a latency of less than a second and a crisp, clear, high-resolution stereoscopic video signal projected on my Goovis 3D head-mounted display, I felt like I was beaming on the objective of the ophthalmic microscope from a distance in Canadasaid Dr. Gilad Litvin, Founder and Medical Director of CorNeat Vision. “The RSVP The solution is a game-changer in terms of our ability to expand our clinical trial to other sites during the pandemic. In addition, it will facilitate a smooth and efficient launch of CorNeat KPro, as it will allow us to train physicians around the world without leaving our office, which will help us increase our sales, ”he added.

“It was as if Gilad was here with me,” the professor noted. David rootman, a world-renowned cornea expert and principal investigator who is leading the Canadian artificial cornea clinical trial at Toronto Western Hospital, part of the University Health Network. “Our ability to successfully complete this training is essential to enable us to launch our trial without relying on international travel,” he added.

“We are extremely pleased to participate and help advance the clinical trial of CorNeat Vision,” said Ronen Artman, Vice President of Marketing for LiveU. “LiveU’s reliable portable transmission solution allowed us to remotely connect to the 3D video output of the microscope without any technical assistance. While this unit alone can deliver video for trainees, for example, the implementation of our linked video decoder on the trainer’s side in Israel provided the low latency necessary for surgeons to interact in real time while sharing a high resolution 3D image. “

“The ability to stream high-resolution 3D videos, essential in ophthalmic surgery, directly from the operating room in real time opens up a wide range of applications and use cases,” said Franck Leveiller, vice president Principal, Head of Global Research and Development at Alcon, a global leader in ophthalmology and supplier of the NGENUITY 3D visualization system. “This innovative solution brings additional added value to our customers, who can now leverage their investment to enable remote surgeon training and remote expert supervision during live procedures. RSVP is a real catalyst during the pandemic. I would like to thank our Canadian team and the surgical team of Groupe Lapidot, our Israeli distributor, for their support in the success of this project. “

About Remote Surgeon Virtual Presence (RSVP) Solution: The RSVP is an on-demand video streaming solution that provides up to 4K video resolution in latency less than a second. The solution consists of a portable field unit and a set-top box that connects up to 16 cellular connections, multiple Wi-Fi networks and a local area network to create a single managed broadband connection optimized for video streaming. Coupled with the Alcon NGENUITY 3D video output and a Goovis headset, this solution allows experts to “jump” into the operating room and provide help and advice regardless of their location.

About CorNeat Vision: CorNeat Vision is a clinical-stage biomimetic technology and implant company. CorNeat Vision’s platform is a 100% synthetic, non-degradable porous material, which mimics the microstructure of the extracellular matrix (ECM) – the natural biological collagen mesh providing structural and biochemical support to surrounding cells. When implanted, this material stimulates cell proliferation, leading to gradual tissue integration. This fully validated in-vivo platform enables the biomechanical integration of permanent implants with living tissue and does not trigger an adverse immune system response. Click on HERE to learn more.

About LiveU: LiveU changes the rules of the game for live news and dynamic sports coverage, with flawless 5G 4K HEVC live broadcast and remote production. With its cloud-based management and next-generation IP distribution platforms, LiveU offers the most cost-effective end-to-end contribution, production and distribution solution. Our broad product portfolio sets the industry standard for live video production, ranging from our latest production-level portable field units and smartphone app to hybrid and external satellite / cellular antenna solutions. With over 3,000 customers in over 130 countries, LiveU’s technology is the solution of choice for global broadcasters, news agencies, sports and entertainment, live video streaming on TV, mobile, online media and social networks. LiveU is the recipient of the 71st Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award in recognition of its innovation and achievements in cellular Internet Protocol (VoCIP) video technology. For more information visit, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn Where Instagram.

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