Enmore Theater floor collapse caused by Sydney weather, location says

Sydney’s live music venue, the Enmore Theater, has begun sanitation work after its floor collapsed under the feet of the crowd during a sold-out performance by rapper Genesis Owusu on Thursday night, dragging the evacuation of thousands of people after the artist’s second song.

A statement from the theater on Friday said the “impact of incessant rain and excess water” that flooded the inner western suburbs during heavy downpours this week had caused three pillars at the point where the theater tends to move under the rug and create an uneven floor.

Australian singer Genesis Owusu was performing when the floor of the Enmore Theater collapsed.Credit:Wolter-Peeters

“The theater floor has been assessed and remediation work has begun. We have sealed off the section that was impacted by the water and are further reinforcing the surrounding areas as an added precaution,” the statement read.

There were scenes of confusion at the venue on Thursday night when the ground collapsed during Canberra singer Owusu’s sold-out show. Photos and video footage from the concert show people crowding around a collapsed space, amid the red carpet. Witnesses said there were no injuries but the mat prevented them from falling into the cavity.

Music writer Bernard Zuel described the show as a “cross between a waterbed and a trampoline”. Labour’s night economy and music spokesman John Graham, who was at the concert, said he saw people “literally dancing a yard or two below the rest of the crowd” as the ground s was collapsing.

The crowd was evacuated after Owusu’s second song and the Enmore Theater said it made the decision because “audience safety is a top priority”.

“We would like to thank Genesis Owusu and his touring group for working with us to keep our customers safe as a priority,” its statement read.

Owusu manager Andrew Klippel told the Herald and age they “acted quickly” to end the show. “There was incredible energy in the crowd, and we hope to reschedule the show next week once the engineers have fixed the floor.”

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