Evertz presents the latest innovations for remote live productions

At NAB 2022 in Las Vegas, Evertz (Booth N5907) will showcase a full suite of innovative tools designed to simplify remote and live productions, leaving broadcasters free to focus on telling bigger stories that connect audiences to the content more meaningfully.

With the remote production market expected to reach over $3 billion by 2024, there’s never been a better time to embrace new technologies that improve IP, cloud and hybrid production workflows.

“As an industry leader in this space, we recognize that high-quality, cost-effective, data-driven storytelling will be a critical driver for broadcasters in the months and years to come,” said Nima Malekmanesh, Business Development Manager – Live Media for Evertz. “The products we are showcasing at NAB 2022 cover every aspect of this market, giving broadcasters access to a versatile and powerful toolkit that will help them minimize costs and maximize resources when producing and distributing content. live content.”

Among the products Evertz will showcase at NAB is its XPS Live 4K/UHD/3G/HD series of video encoders and decoders, a real-time video streaming platform designed for mission-critical applications. Available in a variety of form factors, this software-defined next-generation UHD live encoder platform can be used for encoding/decoding over IP networks and is ideal for live or streaming-based applications. cloud where security, high quality and low latency are essential. Supporting SRT, RIST, Zixi and other transport protocols, the XPS Series gives broadcasters access to reliable, low-latency encoding over public networks, low-latency remote monitoring of broadcast facilities and to on-ramp/contribution encoder installations for production or broadcast hosted in the cloud by public cloud providers.

Over the past few months, Evertz has added 5G capability to XPS (MMA10G-TRXS-5G), making the product even more versatile, especially for those who need to provide remote contributions from locations where connections IP are unreliable or unavailable.

The MIO-XPS module also adds a powerful new encoding/decoding tool to the SCORPION intelligent media processing platform – a core component of Evertz’s remote and live production solution. XPS-MIO joins an impressive catalog of SFPs and miniature input and output modules (MIOs) that SCORPION leverages for routing and converting various signals – and now streaming.

The XPS Series now supports the latest patent-pending iTrak technology for multi-camera synchronization from multiple locations, and is fully integrated with Reflektor, the SaaS (Software as a Service) audio/video distribution tool. ‘Evertz which transcodes and duplicates video codecs to provide easy delivery. to the Cloud.

The DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio collaborative live switching platform, which provides operators with a virtual environment that resembles a traditional control room, has added even more advanced features to help operators feel comfortable producing broadcasts in the cloud. By combining access to all inputs with web interfaces, BRAVO Studio can be used for any production, regardless of size or scale. This will also be demonstrated at NAB, where broadcasters involved in live sports, games and entertainment programming can experience its full suite of features including video/audio mixing, dynamic graphics, graphics engine support externals, replays and highlights.

The DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio suite of remote and live production tools also includes Studer Audio products that seamlessly integrate with Evertz live production tools for complete audio mixing; new metadata co-drivers for BRAVO Studio that help automate and simplify production workflows, and the Ease Live graphics engine that allows BRAVO Studio users to enhance the viewing experience much faster and easier while producing interactive data-driven charts. It is also possible to leverage real-time data collected by sensor-based systems, including ShotTracker’s field and field sensors, to automate camera workflows.

“Audiences crave new and unique ways to consume content, and Evertz has created cost-effective and reliable solutions that help program creators create great stories, deliver interactive content that can be controlled by the viewer, and stimulate viewer engagement with personalized content,” adds Malekmanech. “Our XPS series gives customers access to stories and content previously limited due to network connectivity constraints, while BRAVO Studio consolidates and simplifies production both on-premises and in the cloud, providing storytellers with virtually limitless possibilities in how they connect with audiences.”

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