Firebird Online Premiere | New

Firebird Online Premiere |  New

Fine Lines Dance is proud to announce the online premiere of Firebird, a 25 minute dance film that explores the notion of internal fire as an immense driving force. Shot exactly one year after Melbourne’s # 2 lockdown, between lockdowns No.4 and No.5, this beautiful film testifies to the determination, passion and courage of artists living in the COVID era.

Firebird is created by Katrina Rank, (director, choreographer, co-producer and performer), in collaboration with 20 mature dancers from Fine Lines Dance, the Victorian dance company of experienced and mature dancers and winner of the 2020 Australian Dance Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Dance community. Firebird takes the mythical creature of legend as a starting point. Being elemental, the firebird is dangerously unpredictable and thoughtless. It stands out, neither good nor bad. Fine Lines Firebird explores the notion of internal fire as an immense power, barely contained in physical form. This new work asks, why are we burning and how can we go beyond desire?

Speaking of the movie Dr Katrina Rank, director, Fine Lines Dance, says:

Firebird is a work of fire in the belly, that thing that catapults you forward, pushes you to the edge of the abyss. My need to express myself through dance has never dissipated, even strengthened over the years. This is interesting, because as my body ages and moves in less conventional ways [as a dancer] I am more inventive and courageous. I also see it in the Fine Lines community, a collaboration of mature dancers who continue to challenge the status quo, specifically who can dance, how, when and why. They are courageous. They proudly face the goal and showcase their unique physique and stories. Firebird contains many birds. They all hold a fire that burns and heals and stays with you beyond the credits.

The film will premiere online on Saturday, October 9, 2021 at 7 p.m. The screening will be followed by a question-and-answer session moderated by Julie Dyson AM, vice-president of Ausdance National, and viewers will be invited to interact with the film crew and ask them questions.

Firebird is grateful for financial support from the Town of Yarra, Australian Multicultural Community Services, Sport Australia and the many donors to our Australian Cultural Fund campaign on how to file bankruptcy. Our Australian Cultural Fund campaign is still ongoing, with all donations by the end of the campaign going towards film festival registration fees and preparation for a ‘big screen’ screening of Firebird and our next Joy project when it’s safe to do so.

Season details

Location: Online
Date: 9-Oct-2021

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