Institutions will need to embrace technology adapt and soak up in the future Dr Atul Chauhan Chancellor Amity University

“Technology will have a big impact in the future. Institutions will have to adopt, adapt and soak up technology in the future, otherwise they will become redundant, ”Dr Atul Chauhan, Chancellor of Amity University at BW Businessworld – Dell Technologies said at the panel discussion on“ Driving innovation and student success ”.

He also underlined the importance of research in higher education. He said: “Lack of research is one of the main reasons Indian universities are not ranked. He added, “The revolution will happen when private universities are among the best in India and the world. “

Dr Chauhan, also President of the Ritanand Balved Education Foundation and CEO of AKC Group of Companies, was speaking at the recent BW Businessworld webinar on ‘Driving Innovation and Student Success’, organized in association with Dell Technologies.

The other prominent panelist for this insightful session was Mr. Venkat Sitaram, Geo Head & General Manager, Dell Technologies. The session was moderated by Mr. Daya Prakash, Consulting Editor, BW Businessworld.

Dr Chauhan asserted that the education sector is in a very advantageous state to absorb technology. He said: “We are very fortunate and fortunate that technology has played a big role in ensuring the continuity of education for most students. And our country is at an advanced stage to be able to use advanced technologies. ”

Highlighting the benefits of the pandemic, he said the pandemic has pushed academia, an industry that is otherwise seen as slow to adapt to new changes. He said: “The technology has always been there – zoom, other interactive platforms and LMSs were there but the institutions weren’t using them. It’s really awakened, especially in academia, that there is a huge benefit to using technology because it brings the aspect of personalized education. If you have the assessments that are done online you can really go to the granular level of what the students have learned and you can customize the education for each learner.

Discussing skill needs, Dr Chauhan said, “One of the greatest skills the industry needs today is the ability to analyze data, the ability to understand problems and deliver correct solutions. . He added, “There is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is how you apply the knowledge you have. He also highlighted the need to build resilience in humans.

Dr Chauhan advises students to stay down to earth. He said, “With the success that students achieve, they should always remember to be humble to the people around them. “

In his opening remarks, Mr. Sitaram, Geo Head & General Manager, Dell Technologies, said, “The fundamental change and shift that we are seeing is all coming home. Learning comes home; entertainment and food come home. Technology brings everything to your doorstep. The use of technology will allow us to know how fast the journey is. We have understood the power of anticipation and for all good causes, we are happy to contribute. “

“The world is changing, the industry is changing and it forces everyone to work and think differently; the skills needed for the future are certainly not the ones that exist today. It is the culture of learning. that we need to change, and technology is a big catalyst in this cultural change, ”Sitaram added.

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