New global Shopstream start-up deploys B2C live social marketplace

HONG KONG – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Shopstream – a new lifestyle app will be launched in Hong Kong in September, the first step in a global rollout. Shopstream is a B2C-driven “live social shopping” marketplace with an organized portfolio of lifestyle brands targeting consumers who want a different brand engagement experience. The app aims to provide a ‘Netflix-like’ experience for brands to build their community through authentic live interactions. Brands can leverage the power of live streaming to convey the roots, purpose and values ​​of the brand.

As the world recovers from Covid and is eager to rediscover the world, businesses can use live streaming to engage audiences around the world in new and exciting ways. Being able to share your stories, ideas, and allow users to interact and shop in the same market has the potential to transform businesses of all sizes. According to Forbes, the live broadcast creates more trust with customers, who view the hosts of the stream as experts.

Shopstream’s vision is to empower brands and consumers around the world to have the best live shopping experience on social media to create rich and deep engagement. The company does this by providing merchants with interactive live video technology and a suite of e-commerce software services in a fully integrated platform.

“The world of online shopping is late for a transformation of a simple online catalog. Each brand is exploring new ways to reach consumers. Companies often do these live shows on an experimental basis. One problem for consumers is having to switch from individual apps to web touchpoints to enjoy these shows, Shopstream brings them all together on interactive video technology, much like watching entertainment streams on Netflix “- Technical Director Joe Cheung

“We strive to reinvent the e-commerce experience by focusing on adding value and helping brands, businesses and people deliver great brand stories and ideas through live streaming” – Vice President, Jane Dee Partnership

Shopstream merges retail, entertainment and live events into a seamless experience that aims to bring businesses and consumers together. Professional marketers can now formulate innovative new omnichannel integrated marketing strategies to reach users more creatively than ever before.

Shopstream focuses on professional presenters and launches with an extensive portfolio of diverse brands, from boutique brands like Bandit Coffee to well-known dining destinations like Sushi Kuu, Jia Group’s 208 and the Fama Group, Maximal Concept’s Limewood and Sip Song brands. as well as New York-based art gallery Macey & Sons, healthcare brand Balance Health, lifestyle furniture brand Commune and Comedy Club Backstage Comedy are among the participating brands as the market is launched with a “100 Stories” campaign starting September 23.

Hong Kong fans will also be able to watch exclusive live broadcasts, including the innovative Argo Bar at the Four Season Hotel. which was recently named by Timeout as one of the coolest bar and wellness brands in the world, Found, hosted by Time Out Hong Kong Editor-in-Chief Tatum Ancheta.

One of Shopstream’s key pillars is using live streaming to help inspire better business strategies to showcase solutions that bring positive climate change and help NGOs raise awareness of their causes. The company will offer a free live streaming subscription to NGOs who want to use the platform to raise their profile.

“We work tirelessly to create the best smoked food in town. I can’t wait to show clients what’s going on behind the scenes. “- Chef Christopher Tuthill, Smoke & Barrel, ShowmenGroup

“The FAMA Group is excited to produce informative and engaging programming on shopstream, as live feeds are the future of commerce for small businesses like us. ” – Larry Tang, founder and owner of the Fama group

“The art world is going through a huge global digital transformation that is attracting more buyers from the younger generation than ever before. Through live streaming, we believe it is helpful to share the key stories behind each work of art, providing a better and more informed understanding before a visit to the gallery “- Illiana Bodnár-Horváth, Head of Digital Marketing, Macey & Sons

“The impact of Covid 19 allows delivery companies to take some aspects of restaurant experiences home, but nothing beats this human connection. The live broadcast will help us get much closer. Giammarco, restaurant manager, 208

“Shopstream is a platform that changes the lives of comedians” – Mohammed Magli, Founder, Backstage Comedy

“Shopstream is an innovative and exciting new platform that will change the shopping experience. We are excited to educate and connect with our customers via interactive live broadcasts! ” Jonathan Der & Flora Ma. Co-founders – ONLY Beverages

“We are delighted to share more stories about small batches of South African wines in store with our audience live through this exciting virtual tasting platform!” – Alan & Abilio Springbok Wines Owners

“ICM is honored to partner with ShopStream to bring help, hope and change to ultra-poor Filipinos” – David Sutherland, CEO of International Ministries of Care

Shopstream360 app can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play from Hong Kong App Store from September 23 on the sidelines of the launch of the 100 Stories campaign. The next Shopstream launch milestone will be Singapore by November 11 with the introduction of the Shopstream / livelife campaign and planned expansion to the rest of Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas in 2022.

Shopstream360 can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play

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