Okoboji Summer Theater to present the weekend comedy July 13-18

Okoboji Summer Theater to present the weekend comedy July 13-18

(Okoboji) – A new production will open at Okoboji Summer Theater this week, KUOO’s Becky Thoreson gets a sneak peek:

Okoboji Summer Theater to present Weekend Comedy July 13-18

The Okoboji Summer Theater production of Weekend comedy will open Tuesday evening and run through Sunday.

Veteran actor Rob Dean is one of the show’s guest artists. “It is a wonderful sight. The whole setup is, a couple in their twenties and a couple in their early sixties, booked the same cabin for the weekend and then they show up at the same time and comedy ensues after that. Talking about love and marriage and what’s important and what isn’t, creates some pretty funny situations. We also have guest artists. Jeannie Marlin is back to star opposite me in Weekend Comedy, and Courtney Crouse is directing it. “

Executive Director Ruth Ann Burke notes that several guest artists will perform throughout the season. “They’re really mentors and role models for the students at Stephens College, as well as the fellows and mentors that we’re bringing in this summer. We have a group of about 47, then guest artists on top of that. C t really is an amazing connection for all these young people to connect with people from various markets, guest designers, choreographers, technicians, directors. It’s wonderful for them and it really uplifts all the values ​​of the production and gives us a chance to really show our stuff. “

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