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JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Media OutReach – January 13, 2022 – With the rapid development of mobile internet, smart phones have become an indispensable tool in modern society. According to the latest report from Strategy Analytics, an authoritative market research organisation, the average user replacement cycle for mobile phones in the UK is 38 months, that in the US is 41 months and the replacement for Chinese users is 28 months. . Obviously, the longer replacement cycle of users through better quality of after-sales service is a new competition among major smartphone brands.

In December 2021, OPPO Indonesia service team won five awards such as “Most Creative and Innovative Service Center” and “Most Valuable Service Center” from five tech media, including Indonesia’s leading digital media Tabloid Pulsed.

As reported by the media, in order to meet the increasingly diverse needs of users, the OPPO Indonesia service team explores and exploits the weak points of users. While providing users with guaranteed daily services, they continue to develop online self-service channels and provide innovative and diversified solutions. The team also offers a convenient consignment repair service and cross-platform online consultations.

In addition, at the service center, the service team from Indonesia constantly optimizes the user experience, so that customers can truly enjoy OPPO’s reliable services. Now users can enjoy free screen protectors and save labor costs no matter when they visit the store. They can also participate in monthly Service Day activities. During special festivals such as Earth Day, OPPO will also hold special events, so users can have more opportunities to enjoy benefits such as maintenance discounts. If the device needs to be repaired after the tests, the technicians will try to do it in less than an hour, which will shorten the user’s waiting time. It is understood that OPPO has launched a set of O-elite certification systems to improve the ability of service personnel and ensure a high-quality service experience.

OPPO services accelerate the process of globalization

In Kantar BrandZ’s Top 50 Chinese Global Brands of 2021, OPPO ranks sixth. Since launching the first overseas service center in 2011, OPPO has established more than 2,500 service centers in more than 60 countries and regions around the world by the end of 2021. Last year, OPPO accelerated the establishment of high-end service capabilities in foreign markets. following the brand’s high-end breakthrough strategy, and therefore launched a premium service such as the international warranty service for flagship models.

Under the brand motto “Technology for Humanity, Kindness for the World”, OPPO has always put the needs of consumers first. And through a deeper understanding of customer needs, OPPO Support is committed to providing the best solutions in a timely manner by adhering to the “Care & Reach” service concept.

The awards given to the OPPO Indonesia service team show not only OPPO’s globalization progress, but also OPPO’s determination to pursue perfection in the user experience.

Nowadays, smartphone products have become more and more mature, and the service experience has become an important factor affecting users’ consumption choices. OPPO’s long-term efforts on this front should be well regarded by consumers going forward.


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