Properties of the Villages reaches settlements with rogue estate agents

Properties of the Villages reaches settlements with rogue estate agents

The Villages properties appear to have made deals with sales reps on how to file bankruptcy who went rogue and tried to compete with the mighty sales arm of Florida’s friendliest hometown.

Jean Lauro

John Lauro, Fox News legal analyst representing Properties of The Villages, filed a notice in Ocala U.S. District Court, stating that he has signed settlement agreements with Christopher Day, Jason and Angela Kranz and Nanette Elliott.

“By entering into the settlements, the parties to the settlement intend to resolve all outstanding claims and disputes between the properties of The Villages and the defendants to the settlement,” Lauro wrote in a document filed with the court.

He said counsel for Properties of The Villages “spoke” to Day and Kranz who “each consent to the relief sought herein.” Properties of The Villages also spoke with Elliott’s lawyer.

Details of the deal were not included in the court document.

Christopher Day and Jason Kranz have launched a real estate business in the sights of Properties of The Villages.

Earlier this year, in a federal lawsuit in Tampa, The Villages won a Judgment of $ 603,700 against Kranz and Day, former principal producers of Properties of The Villages, who split in December 2019 to form KD Premier Realty. They attracted other representatives of Properties of The Villages, including Elliott and Angie Taylor, who were also charged in the court case.

Following the judgment, Properties of The Villages filed a lawsuit to seize the assets of the former sales representatives. However, the former sales representatives did not immediately cooperate with the garnishment efforts. KD Premier Realty has filed for bankruptcy. Day dodged a September 3 deposition in the Brownwood Hotel & Spa case. Jason and Angela Kranz, who have since moved to a half-million dollar house in Lakewood Ranch, have submitted reports that they have very little cash on hand, despite the sale of several investment properties that ‘they owned in The Villages. Taylor, who is not mentioned in the settlement agreement, has indicated that she may file for bankruptcy in an apparent attempt to avoid the garnishment of her assets.

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