The coming genius of Apex Legends: here are all of Horizon’s abilities

With Horizon’s astrophysics at your fingertips, what can’t you do?

The new legend joins an already diverse cast in Apex Legends season seven, Ascension, bending gravity as it pleases. Horizon is a mobile character who uses his kit to harness the most stationary legends of the Outlands. And with Olympus making its battle royale debut, Horizon’s verticality will come in especially handy for you to achieve that victory.

Here are all the capabilities of the gravitational manipulator.

Passive Ability: Spacewalk

Increase air control and reduce fall impacts with Horizon’s custom spacesuit.

Tactical Ability: Gravity Lift

Reverses the flow of gravity, lifting players upward and propelling them outward as they exit.

Ultimate Ability: Black Hole

Deploy ASPIC to create a micro black hole that draws players towards it.

It’s no surprise that an astrophysicist enjoys playing with gravity, and Horizon’s Ability Kit does.

Players will have to choose between using Gravity Lift in an offensive or defensive manner. Want to gain the upper hand over your opponent? Improve yourself and your team to a better point of view and rain the balls. Or you can run the elevator on your enemies and take them out while they are floating. And you can synergize Horizon’s Spacewalk passive with its tactical ability, giving you greater control in the air and when landing.

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to use a black hole to destroy your enemies, you’ll find out soon. Similar to Monitoring‘s Zarya, Black Hole gathers enemies and gives you and your allies carte blanche. But mobile Legends, like Octane and Pathfinder, should be able to avoid this ability.

Mountain peakThe seventh season premieres Wednesday, November 4.

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