These are the reasons for the rise and fall of the iconic Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius was the world’s first mass-produced electric car and helped set the trend for the world to produce hybrid and even electric cars. He was immortalized, somewhat sarcastically, in South Park (“Smug Alert” season 10, episode 2) as well as in family guy like Brian’s car. In the early 2000s, it was the poster child to be eco-friendly and green. Although, in these shows, it was a symbol of the pretension of the characters.

But today everything has changed and the height of the Toyota The Prius is long gone. It remains a popular car, but is now lagging behind fast and medium as the world moves more and more to all electric. But how and why did he reach such heights? What is the life history of the Prius? Here are the reasons for its rise and fall.

was new and innovative


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The arrival of the Prius Hybrid has been hailed as a big technological leap from Toyota. Toyota has often been viewed as a conservative company and if you consider some of its lines, like the Camry, then even a bit of a boring company.


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But the development of the Prius catapulted Toyota as an innovative company and a leader in the field of environmentally friendly cars. But since then, this innovative image has gradually eroded.

Incredibly high mileage


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It’s hard to stress how much of a breakthrough the Prius was when it was released. And the gas mileage it offered was incredibly impressive for the time. It had a 48 MPG highway – way better than almost everything else.


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It happened as the price of gasoline skyrocketed and consumers worried about the future of gasoline prices. He made his debut at the best possible time.

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Call for a large market


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Toyota has been wise enough to include a whole bunch of different technologies in the car and designed it to be attractive. This made it very chic and advanced for the time, which made it more upscale.


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For a while this made it very popular and made it attractive to a large audience, including buyers who would normally have bought much more expensive vehicles. It has caught the attention of Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio.

was the first hybrid that could really compete


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While Honda has beaten Toyota in the hybrid market and with an even more efficient hybrid vehicle. This vehicle just couldn’t compete. It was an unappealing little two-seater, with only a manual transmission, and even air conditioning was optional.

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But the Prius had the comfort and the space to be a fully competitive car without feeling like it was making big sacrifices. Honda’s car was simply not a competitor to the tech-heavy Toyota Prius.

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Changed hours

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Some of the things that changed were that the competitors (as you might expect) did not sit idly by, and therefore competition in the hybrid market started to spring up everywhere.


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Added to this is also that fuel prices have fallen and remained low compared to the early 2000s. And that’s not all, the engines have also become much more efficient. All of this negated what made the Prius special and attractive to buyers.

It is no longer a technical vehicle

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At the time, the Toyota Prius was a highly technical vehicle that made it both attractive and cool. But today there are so many other very technological cars.

Toyota_Prius_ (IV) _ – _ Frontansicht, _19._septembre_2015, _Francfort

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This means that the Prius is simply no longer at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Instead, that mantle seems to have passed on to people like Tesla. The Toyota Prius is increasingly becoming an old car from the early 2000s.

Switch to fully electric


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In 2006, electric cars just weren’t practical. Hybrids were therefore a pleasant compromise. Now everything has changed. Fully electric cars now have high performance and are the darlings of those looking for environmentally friendly cars.

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State-of-the-art Tesla, Lucid and Rivian are not the Prius. Fully electric cars are the way to go, and hybrids are polluting gasoline vehicles after all.

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Complete switch

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It’s hard to stress how quickly the switch to all-electric is developing. Basically, all car manufacturers are fighting to develop fully electric vehicles of all types at all prices.

2017_Toyota_Prius_ (ZVW50R) _1.8S_berline_ (2017-11-29) _02

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It hurts the Prius, and while it’s still a great car, it just falls behind and is being assaulted from all sides at once. It’s a very difficult world to live in, and technology is advancing at breakneck speed.

Toyota is late

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In fact, it looks like Toyota has fallen behind in the electricity market because it has been slow to roll out fully electric vehicles. This means that Toyota has gone from being a cutting edge to being sort of an outsider.

2013_Toyota_Prius_ (ZVW30R) _Hybrid_liftback_ (2018-06-06) _02

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It should be noted, however, that Toyota is not happy with this. It is now aggressively investing in EV technology, in particular the revolutionary solid-state battery. It is also preparing to flood the market with dozens of electric vehicles in the coming years.

Just another car

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While the Prius was revolutionary in its day, the world changes and evolves rapidly, it becomes just another car. You have to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the pack.

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While successive generations have vastly improved the Prius, it hasn’t changed dramatically or added revolutionary new technologies. These breakthroughs come from elsewhere and more and more the Prius is becoming just another car that was once cool and now just average.

In summary, the Prius is still a great car, but loses its luster in a world full of innovative all-electric startups.

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