This car can recognize your face to unlock the doors


It’s confirmed – the Genesis The GV60 will allow you to unlock its doors and enter without ever looking for the key. The GV60 is Genesis’ latest electric crossover vehicle and, according to Genesis, is the flagship model of this innovation. The GV60 will contain a new system called “Face Connect”. Developed by Genesis, it is a biometric facial scanning system that allows owners of the GV60 model to easily access their cars.

Genesis plans to make the GV60 the standard for luxury electric cars. The GV60 will be the first Genesis vehicle to offer Face Connect, as plans are underway to integrate the system into future Genesis models. Face Connect is Genesis’ goal to alleviate the stress that drivers go through opening their vehicles with the keys in their pockets. Yes, some people have trouble reaching the key.

Thanks to this innovation, to unlock and get into your car, you just have to stay a few seconds in front of the camera and let it scan your face. So you no longer have to worry about locking your key in the car. Just look at the camera and the vehicle opens.

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Genesis expects a lot from the unique feature of the GV60

An image of the Genesis GV60 all-electric luxury car.  This car can unlock the doors by recognizing your face.


Following the announcement of the Face Connect innovation by Genesis on September 16, 2021, the company reiterates its desire to be the leading seller of luxury electric cars, while continuing to grow through distinct innovations. Face Connect is one of the ways Genesis uses to strengthen the bond between a vehicle and its owner.

Genesis believes that the new technology will increase customer comfort, especially since it is designed to facilitate communication between the car and the driver. The GV60 will also offer a fingerprint authentication system.

How the Face Connect innovation works

An image of the Face Connect innovation of the GV60.


We believe you can use Face Connect to enrich your average driving adventure. When detecting your face via facial recognition, it matches it to your saved profile. You can register up to two faces. After confirming your identity, it checks your saved preferences for seat and steering position and adjusts them to your liking. This saves you from having to do it yourself.

Additionally, it adjusts the Heads-Up Display (HUD), side mirrors, and infotainment settings based on your pre-recorded settings. The system offers a near infrared (NIR) camera that maintains peak performance regardless of weather conditions. So you don’t have to worry when it is dark or foggy, as the system is prepared for easy entry and exit of the vehicle.

Although Face Connect accepts up to two faces for a vehicle, Genesis shows its innovative competence with a feature that allows you to record new profiles effortlessly via a voice assistant. Worried about safety? The system encrypts registered faces, so it’s safe. In addition, you can delete your profile at any time.

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When you activate and log in to the fingerprint authentication system, you have full control of your vehicle thanks to the stored biometric data. You can use the fingerprint authentication system for responsibilities such as in-vehicle expenses and valet mode discharge. You can unlock your car with facial recognition and start the engine with fingerprint recognition.

The GV60 will also feature an OTA software update. This update applies to aspects of the infotainment system such as navigation, digital cluster, head-up display, and important electronic devices such as the electric vehicle’s integrated controller, brakes, suspension , steering wheel and airbags.

With these innovations, you don’t need to call your nearest service center to get an update. Your GV60 will always run with the latest benefits.

Design of the Genesis GV60

An image of the Genesis GV60 all-electric luxury car.  This car can unlock the doors by recognizing your face.


The design of the GV60 is based on “athletic elegance” plus twin-line quad lamps and a funky crested grille that allows it to look exceptional. The hood and fenders are made from the same panel, and while the design is simple, it is powerful. Does this awesome texture already exceed your expectations? There is still more.

There are digital exterior mirrors and the rear of the vehicle is sleek and sports a nifty finish like the Two Line taillights and a fixed-wing spoiler.

The interior of the Genesis GV60

Genesis GV60 will allow you to unlock and enter without a key.  The GV60 is Genesis' latest electric crossover vehicle and, according to Genesis, is the flagship model of this innovation.


One of the main features of the interior is the crystal sphere, which allows you to choose a driving mode. Other features include a technical angle enhanced by two screens. One screen contains the main instrument cluster behind the steering wheel and a central infotainment panel contains the other screen. As for the digital exterior mirrors, screens placed at both ends of the dashboard serve as a display.

Planned release date for the Genesis GV60

An image of the Genesis GV60 all-electric luxury car.  This car can unlock the doors by recognizing your face.


We expect the GV60 to hit the market around 2022. It will be an all-electric vehicle that will provide you with luxury enjoyment both inside and out. The Genesis GV60 will cost around $ 51,000 and peak at $ 77,000. In 2022, the GV60 will redefine the meaning of a luxury all-electric vehicle.

2023 Genesis GV60 third quarter front view

Here’s what we know about the 2023 all-electric Genesis GV60

As part of the Hyundai conglomerate, it will share many mechanical elements with the Hyundai and Kia electric fleet.

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