Warren Masemola on his nine roles in “Nine Lives”


Multi-award winning actor Warren Masemola landed a role in a solo show, Nine lives at the Théâtre du Marché.

Masemola who has appeared in a variety of shows such as River, Intersections, and Ses’Top La recently spoke about her solo show with Sowetan.

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The versatile TV and film star scored her first solo show in the theater during her ten-year career.

The 38-year-old actor told the publication that he sees his one-man show as a stepping stone in his career.

“This is my first time playing in a one-man show and it really pushes me to grow.”

“I call it a blessed challenge. This is a very big step for me. “

“I always like to challenge myself by playing as many characters as possible who reflect the society we live in.”

“Playing these nine characters is not a walk in the park”,

He plays the role of Ishmael and plays many other characters, including female characters who are all part of his main character’s (Ishmael) journey.

He tells the post that it’s not easy to play nine characters because each character has their own voice, accent, and physique.

“These characters have their own intentions in their travels and I have to breathe life into them.”

“Sometimes these characters live in my head. I allow them to do this because I want them to be clearer.

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Nine lives is the true story of a Zimbabwean homosexual named Ishmael, who flees his homophobic country of birth and travels to the UK to seek asylum.

“These characters are going through a painful journey that hurts.”

“Their stories are heartbreaking and make me cry both on and off the stage.”

The old one River The actor says being in these characters and experiences is heartbreaking because sometimes he feels like stepping out of the story to help.

He concludes the interview by stating that he still aspires to play the role of a gas station attendant, bus driver and doctor.

Masemola fans can watch it in Nine lives at the Market Theater in Newtown until December 5th.


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